We rent our furnished “Outfitters tent” to those who love to tent but like the comfort of home. Some people call it “Glamping” or “Comfort camping” it is all the same in a pre-set tent, Tipi or Yurt.



  • Large Private site with many trees around it
  • Mosquito netting in the front and back, as well as a little window
  • Wood Stove will take away the chill in the evening
  • Wooden Deck with a covered porch
  • Firepit & Picnic Table

No worries of missing poles or pins. Just add your bedding and cooking gear.


  • queen size bed
  • two optional cots
  • an authentic cooler in style
  • two chairs
  • a table
  • light
  • and the cutest little wood stove you have ever seen!

It just makes it so much nicer when it is all set and ready to go and you can start your holiday in a relaxed atmosphere.


For your convenience we now have added a regular electrical outlet and a water tap is located on the site as well.

The wood stove makes our Outfitters tent usable and comfortable in the early spring and late fall. It will take away the chill of the evening and makes it nice and warm inside. A complimentary bundle of firewood is supplied at arrival.

Sorry no pets are allowed!

To get more information or to book our Outfitters tent,
please contact our office at 1-403-845-4422

New Riverview Campground Booking System Coming Soon!

Check back soon for our new link to book your 2022 campsite. We are launching a new booking system to better serve you. 

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